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Building My Calm Blanket’s first

dedicated sales channel

My Calm Blanket wanted to create a modern-looking space that took the confusion out of shopping for a weighted blanket. We were tasked with creating an online store that not only promoted conversions, but educated customers who were unfamiliar with the product.
My Calm Blanket product page on a mobile device
My Calm Blanket homepage design on a mobile device
My Calm Blanket cart page on a mobile device
A Focus on mobile

user experience

Nothing’s more frustrating than a feature that doesn’t work on mobile. We ensured the product selector options adhered to best practices and were fully functional across all screen sizes.
My Calm Blanket
My Calm Blanket Homepage designs for desktop and mobile
A Focus on mobile

user experience

It was important to help the customer understand that there are different blanket weights for different body types. We added a weight selector to the home page and product page that engages the shopper and helps them narrow down the appropriate product for their body. 
My Calm Blanket collection page designs
Tools for My Calm Blanket’s success
The result was a simple, two-page online store leads shoppers directly from the home page to the product page, eliminating friction and increasing conversions.
Innovative ways to


We studied competing blanket and linen retailers to understand the best way to successfully sell blankets through eCommerce. We learned that simplifying the process would be key to our client’s success. We completely eliminated collection pages and instead created a streamlined homepage that featured all of the product variants with their corresponding options in a user-friendly interface.   
My Calm Blanket product page designs on desktop and mobile
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